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    I have some questions. I believe no religon has upper hand on others. I am not talking about the politics of religious countries or democratic countries. all religions preaches the same.
    1. Allah prior to mohammed is a Moon God(mohammed / khadeeja born in this arab tribe), that is why moon symbol is all mosques
    2. Mecca has Stone which stalled by mohammmed itself
    3. There are thousands of fight between sunni, shia’s and kurdish and it started immedialty after mohammed itself
    4. All religon talk about one god then what is special about islam
    5. All religion has moral values, but some people doesn’t follow it.
    6. There are millions of muslims are under poverty in islamic countries itself what religion does to them
    7. The rich people is always rich and laws are different to them even in islamic countries ..then how it is more holier than other religions
    8. What are the contributions of muslims to human race
    9. Why islam want to convert hindus or christians or jews either by force or by means or by advertisement or by talk or by innocency
    10. Do you agree that osama bin laden, saddam hussain, mushraff, is real muslim as per quran
    11. Quran also preaches being just muslim by birth is not enough then why good hindu or christian is not considered equivalent to a good muslim
    12. There are billions of people doesn’t have house,food, health even a good living condition in many countries including islamic countries, so is it important to be islam or christian or hindu rather than human being
    13. Religion killed more there own people than any other, christians killed many, muslims killed many, hindus killed many, buddhists killed many, communists killed many.. why we need religion at all
    14. will you give your dauther to a married man willingly who is in his fifties
    man by nature is polygamist I agree to that argument, but he controls his self to be good man and to lead a good life.. mohammed/moses/david may be able to lead equal among wife.. will ordinary person be able to satisfy multiple wife
    15. modern women in islam sees it is most bad practise in islam in the name of prophet
    16. What will be your view if all the world converted to islam will it end poverty, ill-ness, lack of food, crime against women, crime of property, likes and dislikes,cunningness, rapes, of human being
    17. Being islam or hindu or christian is not being a human, there is only one god it doesn’t need to be allah or krishna or father of jesus
    18. Doing think muslims in UK or USA or China or india or russia are more in danger than in muslism countries and are not living in better standard than in muslim countries
    I have thousand of point as human being. throw away every religion who want us to fight except to defend family or women

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    My wife is staying in Dammam and working as teacher. recently through here e-mail i came to know that she is committing adultary with many guys.She is also use the regious name,as if she got converted to islam,but its only to save her from her adultry indugence.She also planing to marry some one without getting divorced from me .Can any of the religious association help me to solve this problem and teach her a lesson.

  4. i0dislike0sufi786
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    I have not meet anybody so full of hate as you. You do realise you have serious mental problems, I mean the way you have posted so many “articles” bout Salafis and Wahabis is very disturbing indeed.

    I have no idea of what may have happened to you in your life (not sure I wanna find out) but someone called Salafi must have made your life a misery!

    That is the only logical explanation to why a person like you accuse the salafis and wahhabis for so many false inacurate information.

    Perhaps you have been misled by one of your “scholars” (sufis I assume) whom must have taught you to hate Salafis. Of course we all know that Salafis do not agree with sufis but hey, sufis are weird people. I dont even know where they get their Aqeedah from?!

    They read weak ahadith not to mention the fabricated ones. Only Allah swt can guide you to the straight path mate if you are in their circle.

    Anyhow after reading one or two of your posts I decided to log on as I Dislike Sufi 786.

    Oh yea another thing, “786” is that suppose to mean Bismillah or something Islamic? For God’s sake stop making Islam look ridiculous. you have already distroyed it before with your ignorance plz dont repeat the same thing again. We are barely recovering!

    Go back to the simplicity of Islam and follow the Prophet (saw). Allah swt said in the Qur’an to follow His Holy Book and the Prophet (saw). Are you truly doing that. We should all be questioning ourselves this. And plz grow a beard!

    Sorry if I offended you. I’m a salafi after all. 🙂

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