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Love For Allah In Present Times


Love For Allah In Present Times

Submitted by Riadi on Sun, 2005-11-06 06:39.Spirituality

the present era, people have become so preoccupied in satisfying the
need of their bodies that they are oblivious of Allah (Glorious and
Exalted is He). Everyone is prey to the deceits of their base desires
[nafs] and is absorbed in submitting to whatever these desires dictates.

I found no one whose heart’s condition was sound and true,

I found worshippers of idols, but found not a worshipper of Allah.

It seems that those chests that used to glow like burning red coal
due to an intense love for Allah (Glorious and Exalted is He) are today
no more than heaps of ash. People have become unfamiliar with the inner
reality [haqiqah] of worship. They attend the prayer, yet remain absent
in spirit. They abstain from food and drink while fasting, yet they do
not wholly refrain from sin. Their state of fasting extends to their
stomachs, yet fails to encompass their eyes.

The frenzy of love no longer remains,

That (passionate) heart, that yearning are no more,

Prayer, fasting, qurbani, and Hajj all remain,

But love for You is no more.

There was once a time when young men and women used to awaken in the
last portion of the night to prostrate before Allah (Glorious and
Exalted is He) and to warm their hearts with the dhikr of “La ilaha
illa’Llah.” Today, the faces of those whose restlessly passed the night
away, yearning for the Beloved (Glorious and Exalted is He), are seen
no more. Those believers whose gaze could pierce the hearts are no
longer to be found.

The hearts trembled in the breast due to your gaze,

Alas, the devotion of the pious is no longer among us.

It is for this reason that the Muslims of today are overpowered by
cowardice, so much so that they are afraid even of the dark. They fear
going to a desolate place. Even the clawing of cat frightens them. It
is amazing that a Muslim who is scared of the mere ruffling of a window
curtain, does not fear Allah (Glorious and Exalted is He). It is
unfathomable why the fear of creation constantly preoccupies man’s
heart; fear that one’s employer may become angry, fear that one’s wife
may become angry, fear that if one speaks the truth then so-and-so
might become angry, or fear that if a marriage is celebrated in a
simple manner then relatives may become angry. The reality is that
until the heart is purified and one’s gaze becomes pure, a person
cannot become courageous.

The heart is free from passion for Allah; the gaze is not pure,

What surprise is it then? That you are not courageous?

Our predecessors [aslaf] safeguarded the respect and honor of women
at a time when people used to sell their own sisters. They prostrated
before Allah (Glorious and Exalted is He) at a time when people used to
bow at others. They opposed tyranny at a time when people proudly
committed oppression. The Muslims of today bear only a superficial
resemblance to them. In terms of spiritual piety, we are as far from
them as the sky is from the Earth. They were seekers of Allah (Glorious
and Exalted is He) and we are the seekers of the material world
[dunya]. They annihilated their base desires [nafs], while we submit to
ours. They were people who strove on the Straight Path, while we
passively draw near to our graves. They were kind and welcoming toward
one another, whereas we have anger and spite toward one another. They
maintained their honor and dignity, whereas we have lost all respect.
Their hearts were full of love for Allah (Glorious and Exalted is He)
while our hearts are devoid of such love. Our disgraceful condition has
reached such an abyss that even the supplications [du’a] of our pious
ones have lost effects, save those that are accepted by the will of
Allah (Glorious and Exalted is He).

I spent one night crying profusely before Allah,

Asking him why the Muslims have become so disgraced,

A voice said, ‘You know well that while the Muslims have hearts,

Their hearts are devoid of the Beloved.’

Those who have purified their hearts are deeply concerned with the
fallen state of the Muslims and earnestly supplicate to their Lord to
rectify this condition.

Today, there are very few people who remain awake throughout the
night in acts of worship [ibadat], and there are even fewer who use
this time to win over the Beloved (Glorious and Exalted is He) through
tears and desire. The first portion of the night is indulged in fun and
entertainment and the last portion is spent sleeping and dreaming. To
sleep soon after the night prayer is [isha‘] is a sunnah. Nowadays,
many shops begin to get crowded after the night prayer. In particular,
shops where food and drink are sold remain open until two in the
morning. When it is two o’clock, and the time of the night vigil
[tahajjud] begins, these people head for their beds and then miss the
morning prayer [fajr]. Many people have passed years without witnessing
dawn or sunrise. The person who claims to be unable to wake up for the
morning prayer at dawn, regularly awakens shortly thereafter eager for

If a person is offered a wage of one hundred dollars to remain awake
the entire night and stand guard, he will readily sacrifice his night’s
sleep. Yet on the night he is off-duty, if he is asked to stay awake
for half the night and pray the night vigil [tahajjud], he will reply
that he is unable to wake up. Thus in his eyes, the value of tahajjud
is not even fifty dollars, even though in the last portion of the night
the angels announce in the sky: Is there anyone asking

for something that it may be granted to him?

From the Giver there is an offer, but the one who could have accepted it is snoring loudly, deep in sleep.

Once a man was offering his prayer when a woman with her head
uncovered passed in front of him, crying and screaming. The man quickly
completed his prayer and admonished her, “O servant of Allah, are u
blind? I was praying and you disrespectfully passed in front of me,”
The woman replied, “If you permit, I would like to tell you something.”
The man said, “Fine.” She said, “My husband divorced me, and because of
the love I had for him, I become deranged and did not notice that I
passed in front of you. But what kind of sincere ashiq are you that
even in your prayer you are aware of who passes in front of you? Do you
offer prayer whilst looking at your Master or at women passing in front
of you?” What of the command: …that you worship Allah as if you are
seeing Him.

In our time, there is an increasing tendency in the Friday prayer
[jumu’ah] toward journalistic talks on current events. Indeed, while
our pious predecessors prepared their Friday sermons from the books of
Quranic exegesis [tafsir] and hadith, today the Friday lecture is
prepared from newspapers.

Every word of the speaker’s lecture is entertaining,

But alas, there is no love for the Creator in his eyes,

Nor the radiance of certainty of faith on his face.

Nowadays, the sanctuaries devoted to spiritual reform [khanaqahs]
are also becoming empty. Even those person connected to spiritual
guides [masha’ikh] do not have time to perform dhikr. It has become
increasingly difficult to recite invocations [tasbihat] or to fill
one’s heart with spiritual radiance [nur].

We should thank Allah (Glorious and Exalted is He) that even today
some people remain who are grieved by the lack of love for Allah
(Glorious and Exalted is He). Their existence itself is a blessing.

– Shaikh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi – Love For Allah


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