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Imam Hussain (a.s) in the Battlefield to offer the greatest sacrifice

Hussain in the Battlefield to offer the greatest sacrifice

Imam Hussain went
to the battlefield wearing the Prophet’s robe and turban. Imam Hussain first

preached to his
enemies, the love of God, the obedience to the Holy Prophet and abstinence from

vice and
wickedness, and at last asked the people:

“Why do you kill
me?”, “Did I commit any sin or crime?”, “Did I plunder anybody?”, “Did I

with any one’s

All stood dumb and
none answered. Then the Holy Imam continued: “Then why do you kill me? What

answer have you to
give to God, and to the Holy Prophet on the Day of Judgment?”

When no answer from
the enemy forces, the Holy Imam said:

“You have killed
all my companions, my children, my brothers and

even my little
baby; now I tell you to leave me, I will migrate to

Yemen, to Iran or
even to the far off Hind (India), stain not your

hands with my
blood, which is the blood of the Holy Prophet himself,

you will not have
salvation. It is for you; I tell you, shed not my

blood and save

This last offer of
the Holy Imam was superb and matchless and yet

the enemies did not
avail of it. It was in fact the fulfillment of the

‘Hujjat’ or the
argument to give the last chance to the greedy devils

to save themselves
from the wrath of God.

‘Umar son of Saad’
shouted to his men “Do not be fooled by Imam

Hussain’s words,
attack him now!” Arrows were showered on Imam

Hussain. He charged
into the battlefield like a lion, saying “If you

are determined to
fight me then I am ready; watch how the

Grandson of the
Prophet fights; see how the son of Ali and Fatima

fights. Even after
three days of hunger and thirst, I am not afraid to

die. For me death
is better than surrender.”
Presents THE KARBALA ~ 48

When the enemy saw
Imam Hussain charging towards them, they thought for a moment that Imam

Ali (pbuh) had come
down from the heavens to take revenge on them. Many of them ran away. When

‘Umar son of Saad’
saw the fear on their faces, he sent his bravest soldiers to fight Imam

There was not a
single member in Yazid’s army who could stand in front of Imam Hussain. The

troops surrounded
him from all sides, but he defeated them all. ‘Umar son of Saad’ stood back and

watched, amazed at
how Imam Hussain who had suffered so much, was fighting so bravely.

Imam Hussain had
chosen a point for his combat which was nearer the tents of the womenfolk. That

was for two
reasons. Firstly, he knew the unmanly and inhuman character of the enemies.
They lacked

even the sense of
honor to spare the tents of their attacks as it was he whom they were fighting.

Therefore he wanted
to restrain them from attacking his camp so long as he was alive and had the

strength to stop
them. He would make a frontal attack and they would flee. But he would not pursue

them but return to
guard the tents of his womenfolk from any assault. Secondly, so long as he was

alive he wanted the
members of his family to know that he was alive. Accordingly, he had chosen a

point from where
his voice could be heard by them. Whenever he returned after making an attack

would stand at that
point and cry out: There is no power or strength to save that which derives

God, the Exalted
and the Almighty.

His cries would
reassure the women who knew that the Imam was still alive. The Imam had told

not to come out of
the tents as long as he was alive. He had told them that they must not make any

untoward utterance
which might reduce their reward with God. He had told them that they would find

deliverance and
that their ultimate end would be a good one, that God will punish their

Hussain son of Imam
Ali’s sense of manly honor and their own sense of feminine honor did not permit

them to come out.
Accordingly, when they heard the Imam utter ‘La Hawl Wala Quwatta Illa

Billahil Aliyyil
Azim’, they felt reassured. And as the Imam had come back to them once or twice

bidding them
farewell, they still expected the Imam to return.

unique unparalleled prayer (Namaz)

Every awakened mind
will surely confess that it is not possible for any mortal to understand the

great heavenly
personality which enacted the absolute submission to the Lord, which he

on the field of

Having lost every
one of his faithful comrades including his baby son, himself fully wounded from

head, to toe with
arrows struck in his holy body with his blood flowing from the wounds, his

drenched with
blood, and that of his comrades, his kith and kin whose dead bodies he removed

the field of the
massacre to a tent in his camp to spare them from being trampled under the
hoofs of

the cavalry of the
heartless enemy, hungry with choking thirst for the last three days, Hussain

seen seated on his
horse the ‘Zul Jinah’, looking every now and then towards Heaven with prayers

the acceptance of
his sacrifices. In the midst of the indescribable miseries, sorrow and grief,

under the
indefinable agony of the worst torturous and the most painful death, the Holy
Imam ever

remained mindful of
the Lord and his submission to Him with the desire not to leave the world

defaulting not even
a single one of the prayers (Namaz) prescribed by him for man in this world.

Imam Hussain
returned his sword back into the sheath so that he could prepare for Asr



“O soul that is at
rest satisfied. Return to your Lord well-pleased (with Him), well-pleasing
(Him). So,

enter among My
servants, and enter into my Paradise.” (Al-Fajr 89:27-30)

~ Presents THE KARBALA

His condition was
such that Hussain now could not of his own efforts get down from the horse.

Hussain hinted to
his horse (which was presented to him by his Grandfather) saying:

“Will you my dear ‘Zul
Jinah’ kneel down a little to enable me to roll myself down to the ground?”

The faithful animal
which was itself hungry, thirsty and wounded, spread its legs in such a way

the Godly soul, one
of the most brilliant stars of the heaven of divinity, slid himself down.

Now lying with his
bleeding wounds on the flaming sand of the burning desert, Imam Hussain,

desirous of
offering his prayers and engaged in his last prayer (Namaz) on earth, resting
his wounded

forehead on a heap
of the burning sand. Thus ultimately the wounded Holy Imam (pbuh) lay in

communion with the

When ‘Umar son of
Saad’ saw this he ordered his army to attack him in force. Some of them threw

stones, while some
attacked him with swords and others with arrows. Imam Hussain was very badly

wounded; he was
bleeding from head to toe, and the sacred blood of the Holy Prophet Muhammad

(pbuh), Imam Ali
(pbuh) and Fatima (pbuh) was flowing on the earth.

Even in the last
moments when that accursed wretch approached him to sever his sacred head, he

says, “When I
approached Imam Hussain son of Imam Ali & my eyes fell on him, the light
& burnish

of his face so
gripped me that I forgot my intention to kill him. The light of his face and
its awe-inspiring

beauty so gripped
me that I was distracted from the thought of killing him.”

Several men one
after another, were deputed by the Commander of the enemy forces to cut off the

head of the Holy
Imam, but every one that came near the Holy one lying on the burning sand,

his lips moving and
heard to say:

“O All-Merciful
Lord of the Universe accepts the humble sacrifice of Hussain.” And at the end
of the

prayers it was
heard: “O Lord! O Lord! Being repeated several times.”

Hearing these last
prayers of Imam Hussain, none dared to cut off his holy head, even on an offer

thousands of Gold
coins with promises of highly tempting rewards, but Shimr, the stone-hearted

brute committed the
heinous crime.

In those days they
used to train Arabic horses for the battlefield, such a horse would show a

reaction when its
master was killed. The

members of Imam
Hussain’s household were in

the tents waiting
for the Imam, that he might

return to them once
again and they might see

his angelic visage
once again. Suddenly they

heard the sound of
the neighing of the Imam’s

horse ‘Zul Jinah’.
They rushed to the tent’s door

imagining that the
Imam had come. But they

saw the horse
without its rider with its saddle

overturned. It was
then that the children and

the women raised
the cries of Wa Husaynah!

and Wa Muhammada!
They surrounded the

horse and each of
them began to mourn for

him. Mourning is
part of human nature.




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    Al salam alayka ya aba abdillah

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    how can anyone be that cruel and kill someone in such a way. How can someone kill the Imam? How can someone be cruel to the descendants of Prophet Mohammad? Lanat on Yazeed and Shimr

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    shah ast hussain badshah ast hussain din ast hussain din pana ast hussain sardar na dar da ya dar dasty yazeed haqaqy bina laallaha ast hussain

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