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Daily Archives: January 22nd, 2007

A Great Sufi saint fights with the devil armies and Devil himself

Shaikh‘Abd al-Qadir meets al-Khidr, though without knowing who he is, andthen spends several years amid the ancient ruins of ‘Iraq, intenselyengaged in the struggle with his lower self [nafs]. It was Abu ‘s-Sa’ud al-Huraimi who said: “I once heard our master, Shaikh ‘Abd al-Qadir (may Allah be well pleased with him), say: “‘Istayed in the […]

A Great Sufi saint speaks on Knowledge of God

Concerning knowledge of the Creator [Sani’](Almighty and Glorious is He). BY Shaikh ‘Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jilani (May Allah be pleased with him) We shall now give a concise account of our knowledge [ma’rifa] of the Creator[Sani’] (Almighty and Glorious is He), citing the relevant Qur’anic verses [ayat] andevidence from other sources. The believer must acknowledge and […]