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Daily Archives: January 20th, 2007

Men Around The Messenger Muhammad(saws) – 5- ABD ALLAH IBN `UMAR (R.A)

(5) `ABD ALLAH IBN `UMAR( R,A) The Persistent andRepentant to Allah When he was at thepeak of his long life he said, ” I swore the oath of allegiance to theProphet (PBUH). I never brokemy oath, nor have I turned to something else to this day. I never sworeallegiance to those in civilstrife, nor did […]

Al Adab al Mufrad Manners in Islam based on preachings of Prophet Muhammad(saws)- XV. Cursing and Defamation

Manners in Islam Al Adab al MufradBy Imam Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ismail Al-Bukhari THIS RARE GEM OF A BOOK ON MORALS IS BASED ON THE PREACHINGS OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD(SAWS) NOW FOR READING OF MEMBERSXV. Cursingand Defamation 245. The believer is not a defamer 309. Salim ibn ‘Abdullah said, “I never heard ‘Abdullah ever curse […]

Journey to God

A personal story of reverting to Islam Growing up Christian (early years) Turning away (teen years) Searching for Truth (the twenties) The Opening (the thirties) Coming Home (the forties and forever) GROWING UP CHRISTIAN I was raised in the Catholic tradition.I went to Catholic elementary school, learned my Catechism, received my First Communion,received my Catholic […]